Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dragon Riders

Dragon Riders, these are definite one of my in my top favorite pics. Have you ever sat looking at a picture of a dragon and its rider and think to your self what would it be like to be one of them taking flight with these beautiful Dragons. I have. I believe I've mentioned it a few times. but with that said here are my pictures I've put up for you all to see.


Now i know what your thinking, (why the hell is he calling this Leviathan) even know it might not be I like to look at it is. Well more like a land version of him. Looking in to this Mystical creatures eyes sends chills up my spine (lol) most of all I try to imagine myself as the one on top of its back even no I'm scared of heights (badly).

Don't ask me what this name means cause I really couldn't tell you (lol) but I chose this name cause I dedicated this picture to a fellow alliance member when I was playing DOA (Dragon Of Atlantis) and it was her nick name for the game. But even then I could never figure out a good name for her but i respect her as a warrior and I also give her Rider the same respect. So to you the reader if you know what the name means and wanna say that would be great if not I hope you enjoy this pic as much as I.

                                                                              Black Ice

               Now this is a rider picture. Black Ice I call him, just looking at the picture speaks about how and why I will call him by this name. When I found this picture I fell to love it cause it makes me think of the night and being able to fly across the sky on those cold winter nights soaring  threw the sky with out anyone ever noticing with out any sound. Yeah that would be great don't you agree? 

Well this is all I have for today as i say and will continue to say I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed putting them up.

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